Open Air Preaching At Super Bowl 2024

Jason Osborne, Corbin Herrman, Landon Thurman


Our team of over 100 brothers and sisters in Christ with Sports Fans Outreach International from across the United States gathered in Las Vegas to Open Air Preach at Super Bowl 2024. Our mission was to share the message of Jesus Christ with the people in “Sin City”. Despite the excitement around the game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs and the crowd that flooded the strip, we seized the opportunity to share the message of salvation found in Christ alone. We engaged with the multitudes flocking in for the game and offered the message of redemption and salvation to all who would listen. Our team group was stationed with Brother Jim Green, Jason Osborne, Landon Thurman, and Corbin Herrman, and interacted with all of those who God may have been calling to Himself. We had some beautiful conversations, distributed over 3,300 gospel tracts, gave out 9 Bibles, and heralded the Good News throughout the day and into the nightlife on the strip and in downtown Vegas Fremont. Despite opposition from false religions and false gospels nearly on every corner up and down the strip, we were able to point people to the truth, to Jesus Christ. That He is the friend of sinners and He came into this world to save sinners like us. We reflect on the countless lives touched and the seeds of faith sown amidst those searching for false hope in their lives and given the only hope found in Christ Jesus. Above all, we lift our voices in praise and gratitude to the King of Kings for His unfailing love and boundless grace that sustains us in every endeavor. May the seeds planted during Super Bowl 2024 continue to bear fruit for the glory of His name, illuminating the path to salvation for all who heard it. Glory to God alone!

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