What can I do with resources from TESTIMONIES OF GOD?

Testimonies Of God Inc. (“Testimonies Of God”) is entrusted with the stewardship of the intellectual property, including copyrights, that it creates. Testimonies Of God encourages the use of its resources to inspire and equip Christians to biblically share and grow in their faith. Testimonies Of God balances this desire through access to its resources with its legal requirements to preserve these resources. Therefore, any use, reproduction, or distribution (online or otherwise) of Testimonies Of God owned content (or an associated sub-brand) must be done in accordance with the terms of this Permissions Policy. Permission to use content owned or created by an individual or organization other than Testimonies Of God must be received directly from same. This includes articles, publications, print or digital resources, etc.

Resources and Trademarks

This policy protects all resources owned by Testimonies Of God by providing guidelines for their limited and honorable use for the purposes stated above. “Resources” include all books, tracts, articles, devotionals, teaching series, sermons, merchandise, music, and all forms of media owned by Testimonies Of God. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, resources may not be reproduced or distributed for commercial purposes or monetary gain, including resources available on our website designated as “free.”

Written permission from Testimonies Of God is required in order to reproduce, display, or in any way use a trademark, service mark, design mark, logo, or trademarked image owned by Testimonies Of God; with the minor exception of utilizing one of our logos or trademarks as a web link icon that links directly back to our website. Be aware that permissions cannot be granted for any other images, artwork, or designs used in any resource, whether digital or in print, for which Testimonies Of God does not own such rights.

Testimonies Of God cannot grant permission for the use, display, reproduction, etc. of any non-owned Testimonies Of God resource found on the website, newsletter, or any Testimonies Of God associated sub-brand source. Permission must be obtained directly from the content creator or rights-holder. Please send all use permission requests to

Usage and Distribution Guidelines

The use of Testimonies Of God owned digital resources is subject to the following conditions.

To ensure the future effectiveness of Testimonies Of God, you must observe the following usage guidelines in addition to the ones stated above when using any permitted Testimonies Of God resource under this Permissions Policy. The following 5) general guidelines apply to all permitted uses (see subsequent list of specific categories for more detail):


No use is permitted that alters, revises, or significantly changes the format of (i.e. – video to audio) the content being used;


No use is permitted that creates any derivative work;


Permitted use may not include charges of any fees (except reproduction costs) or other remuneration;


Permitted use must include appropriate attribution.


Testimonies Of God cannot grant permission for use or distribution of any non-Testimonies Of God materials.

Digital Media


Digital media created and owned by Testimonies Of God, purchased or made available on our website, may be freely shared with direct family members of your household, within the confines of your household, or via your personal media devices. Resource specific usage policies and permissions apply when made available.


To share free streaming media from you must hyperlink to the page that contains the media or use any supplied “Share” button or embedding instructions made available.


We do not permit downloading and reuploading of our videos/audios to another website (e.g. YouTube), but we do encourage approved embedding of our content on other websites and sharing on social media.


All Testimonies Of God owned articles, devotionals, product descriptions, questions & answers, etc. may be shared online if the original source is cited and the content is not altered. If you share any content from on any website, a link to the original content must be included in the attribution. Resources created and/or owned by others outside of Testimonies Of God are not available for sharing without prior permission from same.


When reproducing Testimonies Of God owned resources with permission, please include the following information: Resource/Message Title (hyperlink to original content), Copyright [year of publishing] by [teacher’s name], (hyperlink to

Physical Media


Testimonies Of God physical media resources may be reproduced and distributed within the confines of the owner’s immediate household.


In addition to personal use, Testimonies Of God physical media resources may be used in church classes, small groups, and in private group settings.


When reproducing Testimonies Of God owned resources with permission, please include the following information: Resource/Message Title, Copyright [year of publishing] by [teacher’s name],

Print Resources


Books authored by Testimonies Of God — Generally, these works are published by outside publishers, so, at this time, we are unable to grant permission to use these and they are not subject to this Permissions Policy. Specific requests for permissions to use or reproduce these works should be directed to the work’s specific publisher.


Works published by Testimonies Of God Publications – Please contact our offices to inquire about desired specific uses. Limitations may apply due to third-party content contained in specific works, making it not available for reproduction on any level.


Works authored and published by others – Please contact the specific publisher to request permissions for use.

Permission Requests

To request permission for using a Testimonies Of God resource in a manner not expressed in the terms of this policy, please email us at or call 310-754-9295.

These Terms and Conditions are Subject to Change

By using this website and its associated products, you agree to be bound by this Permissions Policy. Such use of the Testimonies Of God website and any content contained herein does not vest in the user any rights of ownership or any license, assignment, or transfer of copyright. Except as allowed by law, you agree not to challenge Testimonies Of God’s copyright ownership or their validity of the content contained herein at any time. If you do not agree to do so, you may not access, use, or download materials and resources from Testimonies Of God. Testimonies Of God reserves the right to change or revoke these terms at any time. Testimonies Of God reserves the right and sole discretion to require the immediate removal of any Testimonies Of God content, in any format, from a non-Testimonies Of God website at any time, and users must comply upon receipt of notice. Further uses after revocation of the rights under this policy are a violation of US copyright and US trademark law.


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