Uncovering the Truth About Black Hebrew Israelism

Why Black Hebrew Israelism Is False

Black Hebrew Israelism is a movement that asserts that African Americans are the descendants of the ancient Israelites, and that they therefore have a special role to play in God’s plan for humanity. This movement, founded mainly in the United States, is growing and gaining momentum. From mainstream media to celebrities the influence of deception is building momentum and we as Christians need to know about it and how to address it.. One thing to understand  is that this group is not uniform. There are many camps and many internal divisions of Black Hebrew Israelism. Some of the largest camps include: Israelites United in Christ (IUIC), Great Millstone (GMS), Gathering of Christ (GOCC), and Israel School of Universal Practical Knowledge (ISUPK). Because of the many differences, there are some generally accepted doctrines: Salvation Is Only For The 12 Tribes Of Israel, Caucasians Descend From Esau & Will Be Slaves In The Kingdom, Jesus Was A Black Man As Were The Israelites, There Is No Trinity, Mary Conceived Jesus From The Seed Of Joseph Rejecting His Deity, Curses of Deuteronomy 28 Fulfilled In African Americans, Salvation By Works (Observing 613 Mosaic Laws), The Doctrine of Reincarnation & Incarnation, The “GMS Rape Doctrine”, The Adamic Race were the people God created in Genesis

The Doctrine of Hell

Life after death relates to the transitional state between death and eternity.

There are four false teachings on the destination of a soul after death that we will look at and weigh against what the Bible teaches: Soul Sleep, Annihilationism, Universalism, and Inclusivism.

The Gospel Message

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Gospel Message tells all that God has done, is doing, and will do through the perfect life, death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The Good News of Jesus is the power of God to eternally save people from the penalty of sin and to unite believers with Christ so […]

The Bible Stands Alone

Those who reject the Bible should take the time to look at the evidence before they come to a verdict.