Answering The Misconception: Free Will


Answering The Misconception of Free Will | Gospel Tract

Our brochure is designed to equip Christians with the knowledge to share the Gospel message and comprehend free will based on Scripture. It discusses essential principles of Creation, Humanity, Salvation, and Eternity, underscoring the significance of understanding free will and its relationship to the Gospel. Furthermore, the brochure challenges the erroneous notion of free will that has given rise to dangerous false beliefs throughout the church’s history and led to heretical ideas. We kindly request your assistance in spreading this information to those who believe they can choose to follow God independently or possess the ability to consistently choose good over evil. Thank you for supporting our ministry.



Answering The Misconception of Free Will. Our brochure is designed for Christian Ministry, with the purpose of empowering believers to share the gospel message, engage in evangelism, and gain a better understanding of free will according to scripture alone. As a Christian, it’s crucial to grasp the concept of free will and how it relates to the Gospel message. Additionally, it’s important to comprehend humanity’s position in relation to God because of sin. These fundamental doctrines of Creation, Humanity, Salvation, and Eternity are explained in this brochure, shedding light on Scripture’s teachings. Our aim is to equip Christians with the knowledge and understanding necessary to engage in meaningful conversations and effectively challenge false teachings that could lead to heretical beliefs. The brochure intends to communicate and apply these concepts effectively.

Key Doctrines Addressed:

  1. Creation: God made everything good without sin. Man had free will before sin, but after the fall, sin caused bondage and loss of freedom.
  2. Humanity: Sin caused a separation between humanity and God, leading to condemnation and captivity to Satan. Man’s will is now influenced by Satan, leading to the choice of evil over good. Every person is born a slave to sin, living in opposition to God. Without His mercy and grace, how can man choose God freely?
  3. Salvation: Salvation frees us from punishment and sin’s control. We can only choose to follow God at the moment of regeneration (being born again), and the Holy Spirit transforms us to be more like Christ. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross provides us mercy and grace, giving us a right relationship with God as His children.
  4. Eternity: When believers have faith in Jesus, they are freed from sin’s power and penalty. At the end of this age, salvation will be fully completed, sin will be removed from existence, and believers’ fleshly bodies of sin will be replaced with imperishable bodies without sin. Those who continue in sin will be cast into the “lake of fire,” while believers will share in an endless age of a new heaven and new earth without sin, glorifying and enjoying God forever.

    It is a common misunderstanding that we have complete free will, but this can lead to dangerous false beliefs, as evidenced by the many heretical teachings throughout church history. We ask for your help in sharing this information with anyone who believes they can choose to follow God on their own or who thinks they have the ability to always choose good over evil. Thank you for supporting our ministry.

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