Answering The Beliefs: Roman Catholicism


Answering The Beliefs of Roman Catholicism | Gospel Tract

Equip believers for evangelism and apologetics with our tract/brochure. Addressing key doctrines held by the Roman Catholic Church, this resource provides biblical insights and logical reasoning to counter these false teachings and weigh them against Scripture, proving these are false teachings leading to a gospel that does not save.



Answering The Beliefs of Roman Catholicism. Our brochure is tailored to Christian Ministry, with the goal of empowering believers to promote evangelism and engage in apologetic studies to defend the faith. It is crucial for Christians to learn how to effectively communicate their beliefs and the Gospel to those trapped in false religions and cults. This brochure focuses on the key doctrines held by the Roman Catholic Church, which are contrary to what the Scriptures teach. By weighing their teachings against the Scriptures, we aim to equip Christians with the knowledge and understanding they need to engage in meaningful conversations and effectively refute these false teachings.

Key Doctrines Addressed:

  1. Authority of Scriptures: Addressing the belief that the Church holds authority over the Scriptures, we explore the biblical understanding of the authority and sufficiency of God’s Word. We provide scriptural evidence and logical reasoning to affirm the Scriptures as the ultimate authority in matters of faith and doctrine.
  2. Transubstantiation and the Partaking of Mass: Exploring the doctrine of transubstantiation and the significance of the Mass, we present a biblical perspective on the sacraments and emphasize the symbolic nature of the Lord’s Supper. We encourage a thoughtful examination of the biblical teachings surrounding communion.
  3. Justification and Salvation: Contrary to the belief that justification is attained through a combination of grace and sacramental works, we delve into the biblical understanding of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. We address the concept of losing salvation and highlight the assurance of salvation through the finished work of Christ.
  4. Mariology and the Veneration of the Saints: Addressing the veneration of Mary and the saints, we explore the biblical teachings on their roles and intercessory practices. We provide a balanced perspective that encourages reverence for Mary and the saints without compromising the exclusive role of Jesus Christ as the only Mediator.
  5. The Dogma of Purgatory: Investigating the dogma of purgatory, we examine the biblical teachings on the afterlife and the finality of salvation in Christ. We present alternative views to foster a deeper understanding of the concepts of heaven, hell, and the assurance of eternal life.

This is a false religion leading people after “a different god.” Please help us share the truth with our Roman Catholic neighbors. Thank you for supporting our ministry!

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