Answering The Beliefs: Hinduism


Answering The Beliefs of Hinduism | Gospel Tract

We have taken six central claims of the doctrinal teachings of Hinduism and weighed them against Scripture, proving these are false teachings leading to a gospel that does not save.

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Answering The Beliefs of Hinduism. We have taken the central claims of the doctrinal teachings of the Hindu Religion and weighed them against the Scripture proving these are false teachings leading to a gospel that does not save and leads to “false gods.” 1. GOD- Brahman, who is both immanent and transcendent, is the one impersonal, ultimate, spiritual reality. 2. PLURALITY- Hindus believe in the worship of multiple deities, which consists of around 330,000,000 million gods and goddesses, though they are all manifestations of the one ultimate reality (Brahman). 3. CREATION- Brahman alone exists; everything is ultimately an illusion (Maya). There is no beginning or conclusion to creation, only endless repetitions or cycles of creation and destruction, from individual lives to different universes. 4. SIN- They have no concept of rebellion or sin (Ajnana) against a holy God. Ignorance of unity with Brahman, desire, and violation of one’s social duty (Dharma) is humanity’s problem, which brings suffering and subjection to the law of karma. 5. HELL- Is the suffering endured through endless cycles of life on earth (Samsara), which can be temporary. 6. SALVATION- The goal is to hopefully remove the karmic debt and the cycles of rebirth resulting in freedom (moksha) from all pain and suffering, and being absorbed into the impersonal Brahman. This is achieved by work on the individual’s part. This is a false religion leading people after “other gods.” Please help us share the truth with our Hindu neighbors. Thank you for supporting our ministry!

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